PP&L Average Prices for September 7, 2018

Average Billing 20/30 day = $2.764

Average Prompt 7-10 day = $2.714

Average COD = $2.667

How does PP&L price compare?

The State's weekly price survey on Tuesday September 4, 2018 was $3.00, with a high price of $3.84 and a low of $2.59 (up 20 cents!). The PP&L Average Price that day was $2.811 for Billing; $2.717 for COD keeping our 15-30 cent typical price savings well in hand.. Late summer pattern emerging that dealers keep their prices steady despite the market to keep shopping customers from moving...

Market comment: So far this season the markets are following long term patterns. After our typical late August run here we are in September and over the past 40 years the curve shows a slight decline. That said September often sees a decline after the late August run up and then it takes on the long term market direction. If prices jump, forget about lower prices for most of the winter. If they ease, chances are the rest of the winter's prices will fall into the September price range. So... we're hoping for a decline, although the longer term trend would suggest we'll make a run at $3.00 heating oil...