Mass Energy Average prices for September 7, 2018

Average Billing 20/30-day = $2.88

Average Prompt 5-10 Day = $2.82

Average COD = $2.813

Average Budget Plan = $2.829

Average New Hampshire COD Dealer price = $2.721

How does the Mass Energy price compare?

The DOER performs a survey each week during the heating season and monthly the rest of the year. The State DOER's survey of the heating season on August 10, 2018 came in at $3.07 with a high price of $4.46 and a low of $2.45. The Mass Energy Average prices that day were $2.772 for Billing, $2.71 for Prompt and COD.

Market comment: The trading season for heating oil has been following typical seasonal patterns so far. We expected a late August price jump and now that we're into September we're hoping for a little correction after the run up before it takes on the long term market direction. Over the past year, we'd say the long term direction has been for ever higher prices. While we have been swinging back and forth in a range from $2.50-3.00 per gallon over the past year, the times on the $3.00 end are increasing and the chances are there will be a break out above $3.00 between now and Thanksgiving. So now all those folks who got late season fills of their tanks not only have money in the bank, but they've made 3-5% on their purchases. Given what we see with weather it will be a late start to the heating use season which is the other way to save money...

Be sure you've had a tune up if you've used 900 gallons since your last one. Dealers are busy but they'll set you up 3-5 weeks from now so call soon.